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“Welcome to Digimaniac, the top destination for digital marketing course in Karnal. Digimaniac offers top-level Digital Marketing training for aspiring professionals. Our experienced mentors teach everything you need to know about Digital Marketing from SEO, and SEM to social media marketing and content creation. Digimaniac equips you with the ability to succeed in the field of digital marketing. But if we talk about Karnal, it’s a hub of economic and cultural development. By enrolling in our digital marketing course, you can position yourself at the center of this dynamic environment by learning new skills and technologies.”

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What Will You Learn?


Digital Marketing


Graphic Designing


Computer Course


Video Editing


VFX + Animation

Content Writing

Content Writing

Who Can Join This Program?

Students / Graduates

Business owners


Job Seekers


Tools And Platforms Used In Digital Marketing

Google Reviews

Modules in Digital Marketing

Search Engine optimization
It helps to increase website visibility and ranking on the search engine results page by organic methods. SEO includes on-page optimization, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO . Good SEO may increase a website's organic traffic, enhance user experience, and increase its overall credibility and online presence.
Search Engine Marketing
It helps to increase website visibility on the search engine result page through paid advertising. SEM includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, sponsored search adverts, paid search marketing tactics, and other methods and approaches to increase website traffic from search engines.
Local SEO
Local SEO refers to the process of increasing online presence to increase visibility in local search results on search engines like Google. It is beneficial for those businesses that have a physical Location.
Content Marketing
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Google Ads
Companies can make and show advertising on Google based on the interests, search terms, and online activity of users. By delivering the appropriate message to potential customers at the right moment, Google Ads helps businesses improve revenue, generate leads, and drive traffic.
Social Media optimization and Marketing
It helps to increase the brand's online presence and visibility. Also, they can engage with their target audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
Email Marketing
It's helpful for businesses to communicate directly with their audience at a low cost. It is the foundation of successful digital marketing campaigns because it increases engagement, promotes conversions, and creates enduring customer relationships.
Latest Marketing Tools
Acquiring knowledge of the most recent marketing technologies is not only advantageous but also necessary for marketers who want to boost client interaction, expand their business, and maintain a competitive edge in the market
Affiliate Marketing
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Marketing Analytics

Why Choose Digimaniac?

Selecting the best educational institution for digital marketing is essential. Here’s why Digimaniac should be your first pick.

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Meet our Founders

Akshit Rana

  • Akshit Rana is a dynamic professional with more than seven years of expertise in business development and digital marketing. He’s the go-to guru for making hashtags trend and turning SEO, content creation, SEM, and analytics into everyday heroes. As a mentor, he’s a cross between a digital ninja and a motivational comedian—always dropping knowledge bombs with a side of laughter to keep the team inspired (especially on those “where’s my coffee?” days). His leadership style is like having a GPS for success, guiding us through the digital wilderness with wit and wisdom. Akshit isn’t just the secret ingredient; he’s the spice that adds excitement to every project and ensures we’re always one step ahead in the digital game.

Nizu Sachdeva

  • Nizu Sachdeva, with over five years of proficiency as a Content Writer and Project Manager, plays a vital role in our company. She’s our resident alchemist who turns ideas into digital gold and projects into blockbuster hits. Nizu is like a mix of a creative genius and a comedy maestro—bringing fresh ideas and laughs to every planning session (especially on those ‘snack break’ afternoons). Nizu’s leadership is like having a guiding star, steering us through challenges with wit and strategic thinking. She’s the kind of leader who can turn a dull meeting into a comedy show and a challenging project into a fun adventure—making work feel less like work and more like a creative playground.

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